Suki Tea


Digital-driven strategy to brew up online sales for leading loose leaf teamakers.


SUKI approached Mitso to help develop and implement a new digital marketing strategy that would boost brand awareness and drive online growth. 


Deliver an integrated digital marketing strategy

A full digital audit and strategy spanning website, organic social, email marketing, deals and offers

Embrace marketing automation

Integrate AI-driven marketing automation platform, Klaviyo to manage all email marketing and drive conversion on SUKI’s website

Foster a communi-tea of tea lovers

Execute a consistent, authentic online presence to increase brand awareness and recognition

Drive online conversions

Focusing on key retail periods, use creative campaigns and shopping incentives to drive conversions on SUKI’s website


Following an intensive audit across all digital channels in 2022, SUKI and Mitso agreed a series of objectives to build brand awareness and drive online growth. These objectives served to support the SUKI sales funnel, creating a stronger brand presence and building an online community for the SUKI brand. 

We then crafted an insight-led digital and content strategy for SUKI Tea, outlining recommendations and improvements for website, social media and email marketing. 

Small but important changes were made to the website and overall user journey to influence purchase behaviour and drive conversions, including catalogue improvements such as new collection pages and the introduction of marketing automation with email marketing and discount codes. 

We then optimised organic social media channels, unifying visual identity across all channels and rolling out a new content strategy to create consistent, brand-aligned content, based on core content pillars. 

Social media KPIs were surpassed within 6 months, increasing user engagement and taking a more targeted approach to content. 

Since October 2022, based on Mitso’s recommendation to enhance email marketing efforts, SUKI has successfully migrated to Klaviyo for all email marketing. As a result, email marketing and subsequent revenue has grown exponentially, with Klaviyo generating approx. 37% of SUKI’s total annual revenue. The introduction of Flows (email automations) also offered a new revenue stream for the business, accounting for 30% of total Klaviyo revenue. 

Our email marketing communi-tea has grown to over 23k subscribers, harnessing B2B and B2C segmentation and AI insights to highlight key customer behaviours (e.g. purchase frequency, tailored product recommendations and repeat purchase incentives) and use this data to formulate growth strategies. 

Campaign Results

37% of online revenue attributed to email marketing

Suite of seasonal and reactive campaign assets

Black Friday campaign generated 5x average email revenue

1232% ROI on Klaviyo in 2023

Looking ahead, we move to the next phase of digital strategy implementation with the activation of Meta advertising to bolster email marketing, with hopes to strengthen the brand’s digital presence and continue fostering online growth. 

When we first started working with Mitso in 2022, we undertook a full brand and digital audit – an alarming and daunting, yet reassuring and optimistic read. We quickly moved from curious to confidently excited, and couldn’t wait to move forward with practical, strategic direction. A few years later, we’re still seeing great results with the Mitso team!

Oscar Woolley, Suki Tea co-founder

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